Educational Services

Music Technology Courses


Weekly classes of varying levels covering everything from the basic properties of sound to the recording and editing of audio in music and film. 

Ages 10 and up. 

Classes range from 5-10 students.

STEAM Workshops


Perfect for Middle to High School, these workshops aim to prime students for the constantly changing audio industry. These workshops cover a variety of concepts essential to the industry, and are geared towards preparing students to create their own home studios for recording and editing music, voice-overs, podcasts, foley and more.

These classes inspire creativity, innovation AND are in line with Georgia Performance Standards.   

Private Instruction


Much like our weekly classes, these courses offer everything from fundamental concepts to finer details of professional recording/editing. Lessons are offered in-home and can have you or your child working in your own personal studio as quickly as possible! In our experience, this is the best value for a student passionate about audio technology.

Summer Camps


Summer camps are seasonal courses offered in a week long format, and can can be a great way to have your child become completely immersed in the world of audio engineering. 

Come away with an experience unlike any other! 

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